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Nova Scotia Dogman

Nova Scotia is on the eastern coast of Canada. It’s one of the country’s three Maritime Provinces and is the second smallest of Canada’s ten provinces. Nova Scotia is almost completely surrounded by water and lies in a mid-temperate zone.

The name means “New Scotland” and was assigned in 1621. The province was originally home to the Mi’kmaq people and the first European settlement was established by French colonists in 1605. Other Europeans soon followed, bringing their traditions, beliefs and lore including tales of werewolves.

Such tales could be written off as simple superstition, however, there are occasionally puzzling reports of strange creatures in the province. The following account is from a man named Robert MacLean. The incident occurred in the spring of 2015 and was brought to my attention by researcher Albert S. Rosales. . . read more here.


Copper State Monsters Reviewed

Over at Mysterious Universe, Nick Redfern reviews David's new book, Copper State Monsters: Cryptids and Legends of Arizona.

Redfern himself is a seasoned researcher and prolific writer. He gives the book a glowing review,

…"an excellent study of the many bizarre creatures of Arizona. A great book!"

For the full review, check out the link below:


Coming Soon

The next installment in David's successful Wood Knocks series. Volume four brings another wide range of writers and researchers addressing the topic of Bigfoot.

Contributors this time around include: David Weatherly, Chad Lewis, Shannon LeGro, Ulrich Magin, Thomas Lee Curtin Jr., Jeff Stewart and making his writing debut, Sam Shearon.

All under another amazing cover by Sam Shearon.

Wood Knocks Vol 4.jpg

Spaced Out Radio Interview

Check out David's latest appearance on Spaced Out Radio with host Dave Scott.

The episode covers a range of topics including the grinning man, the current state of Ufology, and tales of gnomes and other wee folk!

Spaced Out Radio is Canada's premier radio show covering all things strange and paranormal. David appears on the show every other month to discuss a wide range of topics. Check out the archives for previous shows with David and other great guests.


Growling BEKs

Encounters with the infamous black eyed children often fit firmly into a basic set of parameters. The solid black eyes, pale skin, and odd mannerisms & language have become part and parcel of “standard” accounts.

But sometimes, there are unusual aspects to the encounters. A percentage of people report foul odors around the children, a smell described as being similar to “rotting meat,” decay, or sulfur.

Other people report weird electronic phenomena during the kids’ presence; Cell phones go on the fritz, lights flicker, and even vehicles stall out during some encounters.

But as if the appearance of the children isn’t unsettling enough, in some cases they suddenly do things that produce even higher levels of fear in their victims.

Take the case of Samantha in Indiana. . . read more here.



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