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Mysteries & Monsters

I am delighted to welcome one of my favourite authors and researchers, David Weatherly to Mysteries and Monsters this week.

David has built a solid reputation as a dedicated and driven investigator, with a sense of humour and a humility that belies his intelligence and wit.

We discuss his two latest books, Copper State Monsters and Silver State Monsters, two excellent collections of stories from Arizona and Nevada covering a whole realm of paranormal and cryptid enocunters and legends.

From Lake Monsters to Bigfoot, Mysterious Big Cats, Thunderbirds, Ghosts and UFOs, both books are a fantastic introduction in the mysterious histories of both states. We also cover his brilliant Wood Knocks series and his forthcoming new book, Eerie Companions.

Listen to the interview here. . .

Shifting Black Eyes

After the publication of The Black Eyed Children, I began receiving a lot of emails from people who wanted to report their own experiences with the creepy kids. This in itself was no surprise, but in the midst of the “standard” accounts, there was a subset of reports there were different. These accounts came from people who stated they actually watched as another person’s eyes suddenly shifted from normal to solid black. . . continue reading

Paranormal Pioneers

With the popularity of ghost hunting television shows and the paranormal's firm foothold in pop culture, those who have worked tirelessly in the field for years are sometimes out of the limelight.

It's important for everyone to understand that the paranormal field has deep roots that well precede television, to that end, David Weatherly and Ross Allison are launching a new show, "Paranormal Pioneers."

Tune in this week for the show's debut with the legendary parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach.

Listen to the show here. . .

Benner’s Meadow Run Interview

At the recent (and highly successful) Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, Fright Night star Kamikaze Biker Jim did a quick interview with David.

Check out the brief video for a quick recap of one of the creepiest experiences David has had in a haunted location in Indiana.

And stay tuned here for information about the next Pennsylvania Bigfoot event!

Upcoming Release

Dolls. The very word conjures a range of thoughts and emotions, from comfort and happiness to terror.

Most often, dolls are thought of as companions for little girls, but why are they considered prime targets for dark forces? And why are so many of them believed to be haunted?

As part of human culture for thousands of years, dolls have been used in magic, ritual, healing… even attempted murder.

Now, step inside and discover the fascinating history of haunted dolls. 


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