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Black Eyed Children in Abilene

The Abilene Public Library (That's Abilene, Texas) is showcasing my book The Black Eyed Children as part of their Halloween display this month. Also included are collected volumes of the B.E.K graphic series from AfterShock comics which I also wrote for.

Those familiar with the black eyed children will recall that the most well known modern encounter occurred in Abilene in the late 1990s.

Brian Bethel encountered the kids while sitting in his car writing a check. His report of the strange boys helped set off a modern wave of accounts from around the country and the world.

Thanks to the library's south branch for this special display and feature. If you're in the area, check it out and support your local libraries!

Copies of the Black Eyed Children are available at:


Paranormal Perception

David joined Paranormal Perception to discuss his book Eerie Companions A History of Haunted Dolls.

The forty minute show contains highlights of some of the most common questions regarding haunted dolls: How do dolls become haunted? Why are so many people afraid of dolls and why are dolls frequently targets of paranormal activity?

Check out the show at the link below.


New York Governor’s Mansion Haunted

There’s certainly no shortage of ghost stories in New York, but it’s not often a political figure steps up and makes statements about potential spirits. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has done just that.

The Albany Times Union, reported that Governor Cuomo mentioned the topic of ghosts in the mansion by first affirming that he’s “not interested in ghosts,” and considers himself a “big, tough guy.” Bravado aside, Cuomo told the paper that he doesn’t sleep much in the Governor’s mansion. . . read more here.

Plum Luv Foods Interview

Listen to the latest interview as David joined the wildly popular show Plum Luv Foods for a wide ranging discussion that included everything from cryptids and aliens to conspiracy theories and much, much more.

Plum Luv Foods is the number one digital audio live food talk show heard live on Spreaker radio, Stitcher radio, iHeart radio, iTunes, Spotify and many more. Plum Luv Foods Live is hosted by culinary and TV vet Chef Plum.

Chef Plum is the host of “Edible on the Road” for Edible Magazine and Restaurant Road Trip. He has made multiple appearances on The Food Network, CBS, ABC, BET and was the host of the nationally syndicated All Recipes segment on Hallmark Channel’s “Better Show.”

Listen to the archive of the show here:

https://www.spreaker.com/user/plumluvfoods/plumluvfoods-se-8-ep-7-david-weatherly. . .

Top Cryptozoology Books of the Year

Two of David's books have made the list of this year's top Cryptozoology Books!

The list is compiled each year by Loren Coleman, an icon in the field of cryptozoology and head of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

This year, Silver State Monsters: Cryptids & Legends of Nevada, and Copper State Monsters: Cryptids & Legends of Arizona have made the cut.

Check out the full list, arranged in alphabetical order by author's name, at Cryptozoonews.

http://www.cryptozoonews.com/. . .


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