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Ione, CA - 6/14 - 15, 2019

Join us on June 14th & 15th for the Annual Preston Castle Paracon, celebrating 125th Anniversary of the Castle! Of course we will have expert speakers, paranormal TV personalities, fantastic vendors, card readers & psychics, informative classes, a catered Meet & Greet, and food trucks, to culminate in an investigation of the mysterious and beautiful Preston Castle!

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New Article: The Ghost Ship Carroll A. Deering

Off the coast of North Carolina’s outer banks, there’s an area both mysterious and deadly. Here, the cold Labrador current meets the warm waters of the gulf stream, creating treacherous waters. Strong offshore winds help create a perfect spot where low- and high-pressure weather systems collide.

These dangerous waters have earned the nickname, “The Graveyard of the Atlantic,” due to the high number of shipwrecks and countless lives lost in the region.

Since the 1500s, sailors have been wary of the area, but despite the cautions, it still claims ships and lives. It’s in this dark region, in the early 1900s, that a great maritime mystery was born. . . read the full article here.

A History Of Genies in Folklore and Pop Culture

In his popular book Strange Intruders, David covered the infamous Djinn of middle eastern lore. These beings are frequently misunderstood especially in the western world.

With the new live action Aladdin movie, the Djinn are back in the spotlight and people are asking questions. What exactly are these beings? Are they real and are they dangerous?

Aaron Sagers recently interviewed David for an article on the history of genies in folklore and pop culture. We'll likely be hearing a lot more about these fascinating entities, but for now, check out the article at the IGN website.

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Dolls. The very word conjures a range of thoughts and emotions, from comfort and happiness to terror.

Most often, dolls are thought of as companions for little girls, but why are they considered prime targets for dark forces? And why are so many of them believed to be haunted?

As part of human culture for thousands of years, dolls have been used in magic, ritual, healing… even attempted murder.

Now, step inside and discover the fascinating history of haunted dolls. 


Upcoming Release

Many people would never suspect that churches would harbor ghosts, but around the country, there are tales of places of worship that are reportedly haunted.

David and co-author Ross Allison continue their hit Haunted series with an exploration of Haunted Churches. Learn about ghostly priests, the residual energies of tragic deaths, lingering spirits, strange manifestations and more in Haunted Churches.

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