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The next installment in David's successful Wood Knocks series. Volume four brings another wide range of writers and researchers addressing the topic of Bigfoot.

Contributors this time around include: David Weatherly, Chad Lewis, Shannon LeGro, Ulrich Magin, Thomas Lee Curtin Jr., Jeff Stewart and making his writing debut, Sam Shearon.

All under another amazing cover by Sam Shearon.

Paranormal Podcast Interview

"Dolls creep people out and sometimes for good reason. They can definitely be freaky. David Weatherly joins us to discuss his new book on the history of haunted dolls." --Jim Harold

Catch David on the latest episode of Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast discussing the weird history of dolls. This is episode #600 of Jim's amazing show!


Haunted Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio is one of the oldest garden cemeteries in the United States. Founded in 1841, the cemetery grounds are comprised of 200 acres of rolling hills and trees. One hundred and sixty-five species of native plants and Midwestern trees have been cataloged on the property. Woodland Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and its Victorian section received its own designation as a historic district in 2011.

With its long history, it’s no surprise Woodland also has a reputation for being haunted. . . read more here.

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Another installment in David Weatherly and Ross Allison's popular "Haunted" series.

This time out, they are joined by author Heidi Stewart to explore ghostly tales of Haunted Hotels of the Pacific Coast.

Thousands of people check into hotels on a daily basis. Little do they know, they are often not alone in their rooms. From shadowy secrets of murders and suicides, to legends of famous ghosts, the authors explore modern structures and classic, historic hotels.

Pack your bags and prepare for a creepy stay in the pages of: Haunted Hotels of the Pacific Coast.

Beyond the Darkness Interview

David joins Beyond the Darkness this week to discuss the history of haunted dolls from his latest book Eerie Companions.

Dolls. The very word conjures a range of thoughts and emotions, from comfort and happiness to terror. Most often, dolls are thought of as companions for little girls, but why are they considered prime targets for dark forces? And why are so many of them believed to be haunted? As part of human culture for thousands of years, dolls have been used in magic, ritual, healing…even attempted murder. Today we step inside a mystery and discover the fascinating history of haunted dolls.

Listen to the show here.


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